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Want to create a sense of place in your neighborhood and promote more interaction between your neighbors?  Then painting an intersection where your streets meet might just be the answer! Not only does it help the neighborhood build a sense of community, but it could have an indirect effect on helping to slow traffic by making drivers aware that you and your neighbors take pride in your neighborhood.

SDOT has just published a new Client Assistance Memo (CAM) to help you through the process of painting a neighborhood intersection.  CAM 2506 (scroll down page) gives you all the information you need in step-by step instruction from organizing your neighbors, developing a design, and filing the required paperwork, to maintenance and potential funding sources.   For inspiration, you can read more about the community efforts and the background on two popular street murals installed last year –  “Turtle and Bubbles” and “Water Swirls” designs pictured below.

“Turtle and Bubbles” street mural design by Rachel Marcotte.


“Water Swirls” street design by Andrea Moon.

You might also want to make a visit to see the designs up close and personal.  The turtle design is located on Interlake Avenue N and N 41st Street in Wallingford.  The water swirl mural is located just north of Green Lake on Greenlake Drive N and N 80th.  If, after you see the murals and read the CAM instructions, you still have questions, you may contact Christina Legaspi in SDOT’s Neighborhood Traffic section  at: ,  or you may call her at 206.684.5102.