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Street Eats Can’t Be Beat!

There’s something almost romantic about food vendors on sidewalks, plazas and at the curb…perhaps it is because we see them in the movies on the streets of New York and in cities around the world?  Or perhaps it is because there’s the chance a one person operation can become a growing business!  Witness The Skillet that started its operations with one “slightly dented airstream trailer,” opened a hip diner on Capitol Hill and now even sells its own  “skillet products” – sauces and spreads to take home and use in your own kitchen. 

If it seems to you that there are more and more mobile food vendors popping up around Seattle, your perception is correct.    Since August 22, the Seattle Department of Transportation has received nearly a dozen sidewalk and vehicle vending permit applications.  Several more are in the process of being reviewed.   

In July, the SDOT completed months of work streamlining the rules and regulations for street- food vending.  The city of Seattle encourages street-food vending to increase public use, enjoyment, and safety of our public right-of-way.   With proper design and management, street-food vending can be a great way to encourage walking, add vitality to the street, and promote local economic development. 

As of August 22, SDOT’s  Street Use Permits department issued Client Assistance Memos (CAM) 2501 for Sidewalk and Plaza Street-Food Vending, and CAM 2507 for Curb Space Food-Vehicle Zone Vending, CAM 2508 for Stadium and Event Center Vending and CAM 2510 for Temporary Curb Space Vending.  The CAMS provide step-by-step guidance of every aspect involved such as location, permit conditions, field reviews, and public notification of application.   Do you have a food specialty that you yearn to share with the world?  Or maybe you know what the next big food trend will be? This could be your chance to grab for the brass ring!   You can learn all the details on our websites –  

SDOT Street Use Vending Permits:

For a comprehensive list of all the permits required please see: