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Experience the Waterfront – Become Engaged!

Approximately 800 people attended the Waterfront Seattle design update and idea sharing event late last month. The update focused on potential uses and activities on the waterfront, habitat and public art. The concepts presented were reflective of the goals to re-center Seattle around Elliott Bay, reconnect the city to the waterfront, and create a vibrant new realm.
James Corner shared his ideas with the audience, such as a beach between Pier 48 and Colman Dock, where people could enjoy the water and see wildlife, an amphitheater or event space, areas for picnics, sunbathing, roller rinks, a pool and even hot tubs.  The team’s artist, Mark Dion, is planning an art summit as the next step in the process. The project team is collecting all the feedback received at the October 27 event and online.

Linear continuous activities along the waterfront (conceptual graphic)

As the weather starts getting colder, many of us shy away from the bay. But, wouldn’t it be nice to use the waterfront year round? After all, the Native Americans (also known as “First Peoples”) were able to utilize what Elliott Bay had to offer.

Native Americans in canoe

Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection

People from all communities should participate as much as possible to help shape and bring to life this new waterfront. Let’s challenge our thinking and provide the designers innovative ideas on how WE envision the WATERFRONT FOR ALL and how we would like to Experience the Waterfront.

C’mon my friends! Let’s become ENGAGED in the process! What would attract you to the waterfront?

Waterfront Seattle is actively seeking ideas from the community through an online survey, social media, and upcoming community events and briefings.  The team needs input on more specific uses and special activities (the survey walks you through a few options to choose).


Continuous program activities along the length of the area, such as strolling, walking, gardens, bicycle paths

Learn more at, on Facebook at WaterfrontSeattle and on Twitter @WaterfrontSEA. You can also contact the project team at or 206-499-8040.

Public spaces with potential for multiple uses such as special events, exhibits, concerts among other ideas

Focal concentrated activity areas / features