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✔️MOVE SEATTLE: 2017 Milestones

We’ve done a lot and reached some big milestones so far this year, thanks to the voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle!


✔️ Repainted more than 1,500 crosswalks and meeting our annual goal to fulfill our commitment to repainting crosswalks every four years.

✔️ Repainted more than 560 miles of lane-lines on arterial streets.

✔️ Added more than 25 blocks of new sidewalks – including affordable solutions to stretch levy dollars further.

✔️ Completed nearly 5 combined lane-miles of paving spot improvements – keeping us on track to meet our annual goal of 6 miles.

✔️ Made Transit spot improvements at 19 locations.

✔️ Added nearly 2 miles of new protected bike lanes – including the most recent addition to downtown Pike/Pine corridor.

Our crews put in a lot of work this year to make it all happen. But we wouldn’t have been able to do it without your support that approved the Levy to Move Seattle in 2015. THANK YOU SEATTLE VOTERS!!