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Results Are In: Neighborhood Street Fund 2019-2021 Program

Fifteen projects were selected as recipients of the Neighborhood Street Fund for the 2019-2021 Program Cycle!


See the full list of projects below.


Table of 2019 Neighborhood Street Fund winners.

Table of 2019-2021 Neighborhood Street Fund winners. Click the picture for links to project information.



How were the final projects selected?




For the first time, the Neighborhood Street Fund Program partnered with Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to strengthen their inclusive community engagement. Through this partnership, many immigrants, refugees, elders and youth became involved and embraced the voting process. Nearly 7,000 votes were collected from the community through online and in-person voting opportunities.


The top-voted projects per City Council District were evaluated and the final selection was made by the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee (LOC) using the following criteria:



Geographic tools such as the Race and Social Equity Index and Access to Opportunity maps were used to examine  equity factors; race, English language learners, foreign born, income, educational attainment, health disadvantage, economic and social opportunity, transit and public services. Click here to learn more about equity and the City.



Results from the Community Prioritization and Voting phase were reviewed to determine how much community support each project received.



Data on collisions from the past 5 years was included for each project to determine the safety needs at the project locations.



Bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle counts helped evaluate how many people will benefit from the proposed project location.



Existing Master Plans were evaluated to determine whether the project will connect to future infrastructure.


We’ve heard some great stories from the community.


NSF team informing people about how to apply for the neighborhood street fund

NSF team informing attendees at the South Park Community Center Halloween Party about how to apply for the neighborhood street fund.


“NSF gave us the opportunity to talk to our neighbors from different languages and cultures…share an interest in improving our community and participate in the process by having materials and ballots in language”. –Asmeret, District 2


“For the kids 11 years and up, to be able to participate in this process it was very important because it was the first time they ever voted and engaged in city planning”. -Peggy, District 5


NSF team attended a Community Dinner

NSF team attended a Community Dinner to talk about the NSF program and to hold a community member vote.


Do you have a story about how you or your community engaged in Neighborhood Street Fund 2019-2021 Program Cycle? We’d love to hear it! Please reach out to us at or 206-733-9361.


What’s Next?

This fall we will begin designing the projects. Design will be complete in 2020 and projects will be constructed in 2021.


Construction of a traffic circle

Construction of a traffic circle


The next cycle is expected to open in late 2020 or early 2021. Subscribe here so you don’t miss our updates!


Thank you for your participation in the Neighborhood Street Fund program! We hope you had fun and look forward to seeing these projects built in your neighborhoods!