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Commute Trip Reduction: You Can Measure the Difference

Our Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program recently featured some of the city’s champions when it comes to the best workplace commute programs. The City of Seattle also does well in reducing commuter trips thanks to a comprehensive employee commute options program, and its dedication to using modes other than driving alone… [ Keep reading ]

City of Seattle Partners with Scoop for Flexible Commuter Ride Sharing Pilot Program

SDOT today announced a pilot incentive program with Scoop Technologies, an app-based provider of flexible commuter ride sharing, to encourage carpooling and help ease congestion in the region. With funds from the City’s Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program, the pilot will provide reduced price trips for carpoolers arriving and departing… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Companies are Commuting Champs!

Seattle’s Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program works with the city’s largest companies to reduce congestion by decreasing the numbers of drive-alone trips during peak hour commutes. The CTR Champions program recognizes employers who achieve notable reductions, provide innovative and comprehensive employee commuter programs, and have high levels of participation. This year’s CTR… [ Keep reading ]

Improvements on 2nd Ave are Underway

Work to improve 2nd Ave for people walking, biking, and driving has begun – this includes upgrading traffic signals and extending the 2-way protected bike lane along 2nd Ave from Pike St to Denny Way! Three new signals and crossings at Clay, Cedar, and Vine streets along with new landscaping and… [ Keep reading ]

More than 70% of downtown Seattle commuters are choosing not to drive alone.

Our recent Commuter Mode Split Survey Report shows that more than 70 percent of downtown’s estimated 247,000 daily commuters opt for transit, ridesharing, biking, walking and teleworking – leaving less than 30 percent of commuters to drive alone to work. That continues a strong downward trend in solo driving from… [ Keep reading ]

Van Hailin’

Every year, thousands of Seattle commuters get to work using a van or carpool. Not driving single occupancy vehicles helps reduce congestion and carbon emissions – as well as being a convenient way to save on commuting costs. But, the fee for a Vanpool parking permit hasn’t been updated in… [ Keep reading ]

Transportation Options: Carsharing

Seattle has a lot of options to get around including walking, biking, transit, driving and carsharing. Carsharing provides on-site, on-demand access to a vehicle. Carshare systems are designed for round-trip and one-way use depending on the service provider and location, with users paying an annual membership fee and a fee… [ Keep reading ]

Collaboration to Improve Private Development Review

SDOT’s Street Use Division manages the City’s rights of way (ROW), regulating activities that impact safety, mobility and the environment. In these last few years of unprecedented growth, we’ve taken a more holistic approach to right-of-way management. We closely coordinate public and private projects, bringing contractors, residents, and businesses together to problem-solve. We’ve… [ Keep reading ]

Getting Around in the Rain

It’s that time of year when rainy weather and shorter, darker days are once again upon us. Bicyclists and pedestrians need to exercise extra caution and awareness when commuting to and from work. Whether you’re walking or riding, it helps to know your route instead of trying to navigate on… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Mobility Innovations First Forum on Mobility Hubs

SDOT hosted the first Mobility Innovations Forum Monday, the topic Mobility Hubs. We’re hosting a speaker series on mobility innovations, running through mid-2017 (see below).  The City of Seattle is partnering with transit agencies and private mobility services to develop a network of shared mobility hubs throughout the city, providing better… [ Keep reading ]