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Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget!

This morning crews removed the safety barriers and let traffic from the South Spokane Street Viaduct flow onto the new eastbound Fourth Avenue S off-ramp.  Why so soon?  The cure was a great success, with highly agreeable weather accelerating the process.  SDOT was also able to re-sequence the contractor’s phasing to open… [ Keep reading ]

The Facts on NE 125th Street Speeds and Collisions

The proposed rechannelization of NE 125th Street between Roosevelt Way NE and 35th Avenue NE has generated a lot of interest with the public and press.  Here are some important facts that demonstrate why this corridor needs changes to lower speeds and enhance safety. Eighty nine percent of eastbound vehicles… [ Keep reading ]

Nickerson Street Update

Crews continue to move forward on the Nickerson Street Paving and Rechannelization Project and their progress is evident throughout the corridor.  Between Etruria Street and 13th Avenue W, the transformation is nearly complete.  Nickerson, once two motor vehicle lanes in each direction, now consists of one travel lane in each direction with… [ Keep reading ]

Rechannelizations Make Roads Safer

There has been a lot of interest in rechannelizations over the past few months, especially with SDOT’s proposal for NE 125th and the recent work on Nickerson.  SDOT makes such changes to a street’s configuration to reduce vehicular speeds and make the road safer, especially for vulnerable users like pedestrians. … [ Keep reading ]

Dance or have a Cup of Tea? What will you do in the Street?

Do both and much more at Greenwood Summer Streets this Friday.  From 6-9 pm on August 13th we are having a 22 block long street party!  We have partnered with the neighborhoods’ monthly monthly Art Up Art Walk and many neighbors. Here’s a short list of what we have planned.  Who knows… [ Keep reading ]

Reduced Staffing at SDOT on Furlough Days

To address the economic downturn, city employees will be taking unpaid furlough days to help with the city’s budget.  The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will participate by splitting the furloughing of its staff between two days in each furlough period. Please expect to see reduced staffing at SDOT on… [ Keep reading ]

How low can we go?

  Whether dancing the Limbo or reducing our carbon footprint, low is where it’s at and we’d like you to participate.  Yesterday a Carbon Neutral Neighborhoods group, met with SDOT to talk about progress and challenges as we work on making our community more livable and walkable (i.e. Walk Bike… [ Keep reading ]

Come visit us!

Another photo from the Hispanic Festival at the Seattle Center. Children find our “cut-out” irresistible. This weekend, August 6-8, we’ll be participating in the Umoja Fest African American Heritage Festival being held at Judkins Park.  Just look for our large S.D.O.T. banner and colorful “cut-out.” You may have seen us… [ Keep reading ]

South Park Post Bridge

It’s been one month to the day since the permanent closure of the South Park Bridge.  And while the leaves of the bascule bridge remain in the upright position, the neighborhood remains awash with activity. SDOT has been monitoring traffic patterns post-closure and traffic flow has been modified accordingly.  Traffic… [ Keep reading ]

Just in time for Lake City’s Farmers’ Market

  SDOT working… Working… SDOT has just completed building a beautiful block-long sidewalk on NE 127th Street between 28th Avenue NE and 27th Avenue NE. If you’re in the neighborhood, the spanking new walkway will take you right to the weekly Thursday Lake City Farmers’ Market. And voila!