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Reduced Staffing at SDOT on Furlough Days

To address the economic downturn, city employees will be taking unpaid furlough days to help with the city’s budget.  The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will participate by splitting the furloughing of its staff between two days in each furlough period. Please expect to see reduced staffing at SDOT on… [ Keep reading ]

More Chances to Win

if you Walk Bike or Ride.  You can win prizes as well as give the planet a gift by participating in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge.  The success of July Walk Bike Challenge inspired  an ongoing program. We are currently in the August/September round for the Walk Bike Ride Challenge. At the… [ Keep reading ]

What’s Going on Behind the King Street Station Mural?

Wondering what’s happening at King Street Station behind the mural-fence at S Jackson Street and 2nd Avenue S Extension? For the past few weeks workers have been demolishing the plaza in front of the Station’s red, neon sign. The 104-year-old plaza was most recently used as a private parking lot… [ Keep reading ]

Turtle Brings a Neighborhood Together

Over the weekend, a whimsical turtle design took shape on the pavement in the intersection of Interlake Avenue N and N 41st Street in the Wallingford district.  On Saturday, the neighbors prepared the “street canvas” by pressure washing and brush-scrubbing the roadway and then chalking in the outline of the… [ Keep reading ]

What a Difference a Sidewalk Makes!

                                   The pictures speak for themselves – although this was considered a “small project,” it made a big difference to the neighborhood.  The project was requested by a resident and built by SDOT with funding from the Neighborhood Projects Fund.  The fund is a city-administered program that works with communities… [ Keep reading ]

A Couplet For Bikes

A couplet is a pair of lines working together – sometimes in poetry, sometimes in transportation.  Take SDOT’s recently completed bicycle couplet in northeast Seattle for example.  The two lines are Roosevelt Way NE and 11th/12th Ave NE and together they’re working to move cyclists northbound and southbound through the… [ Keep reading ]

New Friend Swims into the Neighborhood

Over the weekend a turtle will take shape on the pavement at the intersection of Interlake Avenue N and N 41st Street.  You’ll get to learn more about it on the SDOT blog next week, to include photos of the big guy, but we wanted to show what the neighborhood is planning for their “street canvas” this weekend.  

View From on High

One of the benefits of walking in Seattle is enjoying the view, and seeing details you would never notice as you whiz by in a vehicle. Walking across the Jose Rizal Bridge feels like floating in mid air—and indeed it is, at 110 feet above Dearborn Street. The bridge connects… [ Keep reading ]

What are those bags on all the trees?

If you’ve noticed these strange looking dark green bags wrapped around the base of city-owned trees, take a closer look. Called “Tree Gators,” they irrigate the trees.  SDOT’s Urban Forestry crews are hopping busy watering nearly 2,200 newly-planted trees every week.   Watering trees for the first two to three summers… [ Keep reading ]

New Bridging the Gap Sidewalks!

More than four blocks of new sidewalk have been constructed this year, thanks to the Bridging the Gap (BTG ) Levy Program.  Seattle residents will see 15 blocks by the end of 2010.  Since the BTG program began in 2007, 54 blocks of new sidewalk has been completed. Check out… [ Keep reading ]