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Bring it on Mother Nature!

SDOT is Poised and Ready to Respond to Snow and Ice The weather gurus are warning of a snowy winter ahead, but SDOT is ahead of the curve and ready to keep roads open, buses moving and critical emergency services accessible. Last year we had a mild winter, so SDOT… [ Keep reading ]

There’s still time to plant that tree!

  SDOT’s Urban Forestry Tree and Landscape crews have just completed planting over 300 trees in South Park, Genesee Park, and along Columbian Way.  The trees are a mix of oaks, maples, serviceberries, zelkovas, and crabapples.  This last round of fall planting completes Urban Forestry’s goal to plant 800 trees… [ Keep reading ]

New Crosswalks Coming Soon

As part of our ongoing effort to make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation, five new crosswalks will be installed across our city’s streets before the winter rains begin. The first of which is already complete!  Residents in the vicinity of 8th Avenue NW and NW 73rd Street can… [ Keep reading ]

DON’T Leaf Me Alone

Leaves are falling.  Here’s a couple reminders on what to do and not do with your leaves: DO rake up a pile on this nice sunny day and jump in them! DO NOT sweep leaves off sidewalks into the streets and storm drains; DO please help keep storm drains clear. … [ Keep reading ]

Greenwood’s Makeover Complete

SDOT crews took advantage of relatively dry October weather to complete the Greenwood Avenue North Roadway Improvements Project.  After carefully considering the needs of all users on Greenwood and an extensive public outreach process, SDOT moved forward with a plan to extend the existing channelization configuration on Greenwood between N… [ Keep reading ]

Time to Weatherize Your Trees to Reduce Hazards During Storms

  With fall weather in full swing and threats of worsening weather systems rolling in with La Nina, SDOT’s Urban Forestry staff and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources are quick to point out that proper tree care can reduce hazards during storms. Trees that are neglected or improperly… [ Keep reading ]

King Street Station Secures Another Grant!

  On the heels of yesterday’s announcement that the station would receive $18.3 million for renovation and upgrade work, today we learned that King Street Station has been awarded a $2.5 million grant for energy efficiency improve- ments. These funds will allow SDOT to increase the number of geothermal wells being… [ Keep reading ]

Dollars for marble, plaster and seismic steel

The US Department of Transportation announced today an $18 million grant award for the restoration of Seattle’s King Street Station. The grant will allow previously unfunded SDOT work to complete much needed seismic upgrades for the whole station including the clock tower, protecting the station from potential earthquakes. It will also… [ Keep reading ]

Better Transit Service for Chinatown/ID & Southeast Seattle

In October, Seattle’s Bridging The Gap voter-approved funds partnered with Metro to pay for new service on Metro’s Route 7, a key transit corridor connecting downtown and the Chinatown / International District to neighborhoods throughout southeast Seattle extending to Rainer Beach. Extra bus trips were added in the evening and… [ Keep reading ]

Don’t Miss Our Open House on Wednesday!

Now is your opportunity to view the project concepts for the redesign of Fairview Avenue  E and Fairview Avenue N.  This project will address the safety improvements for the intersection that were identified in the Eastlake Neighborhood Plan.  Thanks to funding from Cheshiahud Loop and the Bridging the Gap Neighborhood… [ Keep reading ]