SDOT Wins the Fuel Duel!

SDOT often encourages motorists to consider their transportation choices in order to reduce their carbon footprint.  Well, in an effort to “walk the talk,” SDOT and the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department were in a “fuel duel” over the past four months to see which department could save the most fuel during the… [ Keep reading ]

Where Does all the Gunk Go?

Now that the rainy season is upon us, have you noticed those automobile oil slicks snaking their way toward the drains on our streets? Some people have and they’ve expressed concern that all that pollution is dumping into Puget Sound. The good news is SDOT implements several different strategies to… [ Keep reading ]

Art Meets the Street

Last week, we wrote about Chapter One of the SDOT Art Plan, jointly developed in 2005 with the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and written by Daniel Mihalyo. Chapter Two of the Art Plan is a nuts and bolts “toolkit” developed for SDOT project managers. The toolkit helps… [ Keep reading ]

Walk to School!

Whether your walk to school is just a few blocks or uphill for miles in the pouring rain against the rotation of the earth, SDOT’s Safe Routes to School program is doing its part to make your walk more comfortable. Thanks to the Bridging the Gap Transportation levy, all Seattle… [ Keep reading ]

Concrete Results

A busy 2009 construction season including ten downtown/SODO paving projects is wrapping up on-time and in excess of goals set by the Bridging the Gap work plan.  The goal for 2009 was 20 lane miles; SDOT paved 28.7 lane miles in 2009.  Since 2007 SDOT’s Arterial Asphalt and Concrete (AAC)… Filed Under: General

Let’s Talk Streetcar

Did you miss last night’s First Hill Streetcar community open house? If so, there are two more opportunities this week to learn more about the project, view maps of proposed alternatives, and have your questions answered. The next open house is TONIGHT from 6-8pm at the Yesler Community Center located… [ Keep reading ]

We Like to Bike

Today SDOT released the results of our 2009 comprehensive bicycle commute count and biking to work is on the upswing. Since 2007 we have seen a 15 percent increase in bike commuters. Our bike commute counts took place on September 16 from 6:30am to 9am.  On that morning, just over… [ Keep reading ]

Art Meets the Street

We posted a brief introduction last week to the SDOT Art Plan, jointly developed in 2005 with the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and written by Daniel Mihalyo.  Since 2005, portions of the plan have been implemented and we’re excited to post pictures over the next few weeks of… [ Keep reading ]

New Sidewalk Projects Complete

  As previously mentioned here on the SDOT Blog, pedestrians are finding it easier to get around Seattle thanks to the new sidewalks being constructed through Bridging the Gap (BTG) levy. In 2009 our Sidewalk Development Program built more than 25 blocks of new sidewalks.  These new walkways provide connections… [ Keep reading ]

Electric Cars are almost here!

A small number of electric vehicles (EV) are already on Seattle’s roads. Most existing EVs are Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, which are limited to 35 mph and local streets, specialty vehicles, like the Tesla Roadster, and retrofitted hybrids. But, starting in 2010, Nissan plans to sell the first all-electric highway-capable passenger… [ Keep reading ]