SDOT Goes Green!

GreenDOT is SDOT’s continuing effort to improve our practices to protect the environment and create a sustainable transportation system that makes it easier to walk, bike and take transit.  We have a goal to get international ISO 14001 EMS Certification by 2012 for what we are putting in place to… [ Keep reading ]

Restoring a Seattle Landmark

Preserving and improving our transportation network and facilities is important to SDOT. King Street Station is one of Seattle’s oldest and most treasured transportation facilities and has been under restoration since 2008. The restoration project aims to maintain the station, and enhance it, as a gateway for the millions of… [ Keep reading ]

Slow Down! Children Ahead!

Making the streets safe for everyone is a priority, especially near our community centers and schools. SDOT works to calm traffic on streets where speeding has become a problem and the community has voiced its concern. This was the case on both Mary Avenue NW and 14th Avenue NW between… [ Keep reading ]

Change Your Commute and Get a Reward

                  We received a question from one of our readers inquiring about tax incentives for local businesses that encourage their employees to use mass transit and forms of transportation other than single occupant vehicles. Since there were several resources to share, we… [ Keep reading ]

Safe Routes to School Update

SDOT’s Safe Routes to School program has completed three projects that will significantly improve walking routes to schools.  One block from Concord Elementary School in the South Park neighborhood, SDOT completed a crossing improvement that connects Concord Elementary School with the new Cesar Chavez Park and the heart of the… [ Keep reading ]

Marion Paving – Transferring the Load

Paving work along Marion Street is going well, with the south side concrete curb lane between First and Third avenues now complete.  Crews are working steadily up the hill, placing funny green wire things before the concrete is poured.  The green “load transfer baskets,” like you see in this photo… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Works on More Than Just Roads

Work on the Ferry Avenue/California Way/Harbor Avenue slope stabilization project started this week and will last through approximately early-mid September.  After that, crews will begin working on the retaining wall portion which is expected to last through mid-late October.  The project will restore and stabilize the steep slope, stabilize and provide integral… [ Keep reading ]

Improving Your Walk Home – 35th Ave S

Thanks to the Bridging the Gap levy pedestrians are finding it easier to get around Seattle.  More than 10 blocks of new sidewalk have been constructed this year, most of the work is happening in SE Seattle.  The new sidewalks are helping connect schools, businesses, community centers, transit and light… [ Keep reading ]

Making Transportation Options Accessible

Lots of transportation changes are happening in Southeast Seattle. Link light rail, Metro bus route restructuring, along with new sidewalks, bike facilities, and parking regulations are all contributing to building a community where there are more choices for getting around. SDOT recognizes the importance of making sure people have the… [ Keep reading ]

Paving Quiz – What do crews do when it rains?

Answer: Everything but asphalt and concrete work.  That’s why weather forecasts keep project managers up at night.  The possibility of rain means paving plans turn on a dime.  As the saying goes “success favors the prepared” and project managers (PM) are nothing if not prepared.  They plan for transportation projects… [ Keep reading ]