Bus Bike Racks…Party of Three Please

Photo by VeloBusDriver

King County Metro has announced plans to equip all of its buses with new bike racks designed to hold three bikes instead of the current racks that only hold two. Installation is scheduled to be complete by Spring 2010. The new racks are a little different from the current racks so they’ve prepared a short video to help users understand how to properly load and unload their bikes. They have also provided helpful information on the kinds of bikes approved for loading. This is another good opportunity to make your daily commute or trips a little more multimodal. For more information on how to ride your bike on Metro, click here.

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  1. scoobiewu says

    I would consider myself experienced with the older (all-black) bike racks…but these new ones were really difficult to use! The old ones were a simple grab, pull, release. The new design has twice as many components, a non-intuitive interface, and the plastic gets pretty beat-up and gross. I was not able to operate these handles with one hand and the sliding parts tend to get stuck against each other. The fact that there are instructions written all over the parts shows how non-user friendly it is.

  2. Joseph Singer says

    The support that goes over the front tire is very stiff and is very difficult to use compared to the Sportworks two bike carriers.

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