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Rail safety awareness helps keep everyone safe from injury and incident.

Summary Safetyisalways important, butshorterdays call foradditionalremindersto stayvigilant about personal safetywhile using all modes of transportation. Commuter and freight trainsare a significant and critical part of our cityscape and regional economy,and will continue to affectother modes oftravel. At SDOT, we’recommittedto makingit easier and safer for everyone toarrive attheir destinationby providing the… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Best of the Month | November’s Behind-the-Scenes Projects, Roadside Chats, Scooter Updates, Holiday Stay Healthy Blocks, & More

In thisSDOT Best of the Month, we’llhighlight some of (non-West Seattle Bridge!) projects that made news – and some that didn’t. Crews Repair the Spokane St Viaduct in 27 Hours Straight Urban Forestry Team Extends the Life of 12 Trees in Pioneer Square Safe Routes to Schools Projects Near Rainier… [ Keep reading ]

We are halfway through our paving and redesign work in and around Green Lake thanks to your Levy to Move Seattle dollars at work!

Summary We made the intersection of NE Ravenna Blvd, NE 71st St, and E Green Lake Way N more predictable for everyone. Changes will help with visibility – especially for people driving, who can now more easily spot people walking and rolling. We also wrapped up significant work onN 40th… [ Keep reading ]

World Day of Remembrance is a time to remember those lost and reinforce our commitment to safety and health for all.

This Sunday, November 15,marks theWorld Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, an annual memoriamadopted by the United Nations. According to the United Nations, this day is an importantreminder for all communitiesacross the worldof the obligation and duty we haveat all levels of life and governanceto reducefatalities on roads.While much… [ Keep reading ]

November 9 – 15 is National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week. From our team to yours: please slow down and stay vigilant, especially around traffic emergencies.

Summary National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week — which falls this year from November 9 – 15 — is one way of honoring traffic responders’ important work while raising awareness of the dangers of their work. Our SDOTResponse Team(SRT) helps keep traffic moving by promptly removing debris in the street,… [ Keep reading ]

Learn about your tax dollars hard at work in the latest Levy to Move Seattle Quarter 3 Report.

Summary In July, August, and September (Quarter 3 or Q3) of this year – despite the many ongoing challenges facing our community – crews have continued to deliver on projects funded by theLevy to Move Seattlethroughout the city that enhance safety, mobility, and livability for everyone. Today, we’re highlighting some… [ Keep reading ]

Daylight Savings ends on Nov. 1, so it’s time for a refresher on how we can all help each other stay safe in the darker seasons!

Summary 2020 is about to get darker (literally): Daylight Savings ends November 1. Now, more than ever, we need to be looking out for each other.Whether you’re walking, rolling, biking, driving, or taking public transit – safety can be a collective effort when we keep an eye out for each… [ Keep reading ]

LEVY DOLLARS AT WORK | We’re starting work on our 12th Ave S Vision Zero Project this week to make walking, rolling, and biking easier and safer.

Summary: The neighborhood around 12th Ave S is growing rapidly, and we want to make sure people traveling in and around it are safe. This Vision Zero project – funded by your tax dollars through the Levy to Move Seattle – aims to reduce vehicular speed on 12th Ave S… [ Keep reading ]

Attention Seattle nonprofits, schools, and community organizations: We’re offering COVID-19 grants of up to $1,000 through Safe Routes to School program.

Summary Through ourSafe Routes to School(SRTS)program, we’re offering emergency COVID-19 grants of up to $1,000 to nonprofits, Seattle schools, and school-oriented community organizations. These grants can be used to fund a variety of projects. Individuals, PTAs, nonprofit organizations, school-oriented community organizations, and school staff can apply for the SRTSCOVID-19 grantas… [ Keep reading ]

Washington State’s new bicycle “Safety Stop” law allows people biking to treat stops signs as yield signs with some exceptions.

Summary On October 1, Washington State’s new bicycle“Safety Stop” lawallowspeople bikingto treat stop signs as yield signs, with a coupleofimportant exceptions. People biking must still fully stop at stoplights, stop signs on school buses, and stop signs at railroad crossings. This also doesn’t change the rules of the road for… [ Keep reading ]