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Adding a Splash of Color

mural in prog 1 (rs)If you’ve walked through the Pioneer Square area lately, you may have noticed the rather vibrant construction fence in front of King Street Station. SDOT commissioned ArtWorks to design a mural on the construction fence that has been installed around the Jackson Street entrance to the station. ArtWorks is a local nonprofit that provides opportunities for youth to create public art. Many of their creations can be seen on construction fences throughout the city. In some locations, the murals are done on panels that are transported to the construction site. King Street Station’s mural, however, is being painted along the entire length of the fence. Our design reflects Seattle’s signature skyline and the evolution of transportation in our city.

mural in prog 2 (rs)You can check out the great work the ArtWorks youth are doing by walking down Jackson Street. You can also view the mural design on the King Street Station website. We expect the project to wrap up by the end of the month.mural in prog 3 (rs)