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Bus-Bike Commuting in the Ride Free Area

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If you are one of the many Seattleites biking AND busing to work downtown in the same trip, you are probably already familiar with bike loading rules in the Ride Free Area. For those who aren’t as familiar, or may not have realized it, there are rules in place to help with efficient travel during peak hours. We want to make sure you have the info you need if you’re planning your multimodal morning commute, so please read on.

Bus stops on surface streets

During off peak hours: Metro King County allows bikes to be loaded or unloaded anywhere in the Ride Free Area, including on weekends and major holidays.

During the peak hours of 6am – 9am and 3pm – 7pm Monday through Friday: Bikes can only be loaded or unloaded on surface streets at each bus route’s first and last stops in the Ride Free Area.

Bus stops in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel

Bikes can be loaded or unloaded at any tunnel station during all hours the tunnel is open.

If you have questions, or want more information, about traveling with your bike on Metro click here.