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One More Reason for One Less Car

20051111_leanna_2ndave07 (rs)Getting residents to use multiple modes of transportation is important to SDOT. Way to Go is our program to help Seattle residents drive less and incorporate transit, biking, and walking into their daily lives. We currently have a few ways you can drive less and get rewarded as you do!

Free Zipcar incentives for Way to Go participants

zipcarlogo_Zonly (rs)SDOT’s Way to Go program is pleased to announce that Zipcar now provides car sharing incentives to people who join SDOT’s One Less Car Challenge or Commuter Cash programs.   Zipcar has hundreds of vehicles around Seattle which members can rent by the hour. 

One Less Car Challenge

olc_small75Sell (or donate) your extra car and earn $200 of bus passes or REI gear, a free Cascade Bike Club membership (a $25 value), a free Bike Alliance membership ($35 value), and $100 off a subscription to Tiny’s Organic produce.

Plus, once your application for One Less Car is approved, you can join Zipcar for the first year for FREE (a $75 savings) and receive $100 of free Zipcar use!

Commuter Cash

cc_small75Cut your drive alone commuting for two months and earn up to $60. Plus, once your Commuter Cash application is approved, you can join Zipcar for the first year for just $25 – that’s a savings of $50!


Most of the incentives in SDOT’s Way to Go programs are received as a reward after you’ve completed the program, but you receive the Zipcar incentives right after you join the One Less Car or Commuter Cash programs. It’s easier to leave your car at home or live with one less car when you know you can get a Zipcar when you need it.

Sign up for One Less Car or Commuter Cash here.

Got ideas about good incentives to motivate people to cut car trips or own fewer cars? Just let us know at