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Why do you walk bike or ride?

This month’s Walk Bike Rider Newsletter has real life stories from a few people. For example “Busing means bonding,” according to parent and blogger Bus Chick. “You get to ride face to face” with your child instead of strapping them into the back seat. or “Riding your bike as a kid was fun, and it still is”.

Why do people choose to travel by foot, car, bike or bus?  We usually hear that people decide based on measurable factors such as the cost of the trip and how long it takes.  We hear less about an intangible and perhaps more powerful motivation: many of us walk, bike and ride because…we enjoy it! 

What’s your story?

The newsletter also has information on the new water taxi schedule and info on your choices to get to Mariners and Sounders games. It may help you create a few new stories of your own.