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Better Biking on N 34th Street

The project to repave N 34th Street from Fremont Avenue N to Stone Way N also enhances the roadway considerably for bicyclists.  As part of the work, which began this month and is expected to wrap up by Mid-August, crews will install:

  • New green bike lanes highlighting areas where bicycles and cars cross paths
  • New bike box at intersection of N 34th St and Fremont Ave N to provide a place for cyclists to wait for the signal in front of vehicles (where they can be seen)
  • New bike loop detectors to tell the signal when a bicycle is waiting for the light to turn green

It all means biking will be better on N 34th Street!   And it won’t be too shabby for cars, buses and pedestrians either…offering improvements such as sidewalk replacement near the Fremont Avenue N intersection; upgraded curb ramps to meet current standards for accessibility; and removal of unused railroad tracks in the roadway.

Never seen a green bike box?  Well this is what they look like and they help bicyclists make safer intersection crossings.  For example, if a bicyclist wants to turn left at an intersection, this bike box makes the rider’s intention and action much more visible and hence safer.

Green bike lanes and green bike boxes are starting to pop up all around the city – at 7th Avenue S and Dearborn;  12th Avenue and East Union;  and 12th Avenue and E. Pine.  They encourage bicyclists to make more predictable movements (stay left in green box if intenion is to turn left; right for right; middle for straight) and help reduce collisions such as those caused when a vehicle driver turning right at an intersection and a bike rider heading straight through the intersection don’t see each other.

To find out the other places where the City has built facilities to make biking easier see the new 2011 Seattle Bicycling Guide Map .

Weather willing, the new pavement on N 34th will be placed July 25 & 26, with roadway markings (channelization including bike lanes, etc.) to follow.  In the meantime, there’s a detailed bike detour map on the project web site.

Happy cycling and safe travels for all!