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More Riders Are Using The Seattle Lake Union Streetcar

Back in January we noted that Streetcar Ridership Continues to Grow.  We are now reaching the end of July and the numbers are still up. As reported by the Seattle Transit Blog,  “ (the) average weekday ridership for June 2011 grew by over 900 additional boardings over 2010, with a year over year increase of 200 weekday boardings the year before.” 

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The First Hill Streetcar Line is under design. SDOT has completed the analysis of the project’s potential environmental impact, identified mitigation measures that will be included in the project, and determined that this proposal would not have a probability of significant adverse impacts on the environment.

Are you one of the many riders enjoying the streetcar? If not, you should take a trip and check it out next time you are in the Westlake / South Lake Union area.

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