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Whether you want to dazzle your friends with your vast knowledge about hot traffic topics or just want answers to some burning questions, SDOT has some handy question and answer pages on its website that you might want to peruse.

Curious about the new pay-by-phone app you can use when parking downtown? Concerned that you don’t know all you need to know before you use the app, go to our PaybyPhone webpage.

Another traffic topic that’s getting plenty of attention from the electronic media is parklets, but the coverage you’ve seen may not have answered all the questions you have.

Photo by D Johnson

Photo by D Johnson

You’ll find those answers on our Parklets website.Hoping a new sidewalk outside your residence will come courtesy of the Bridging the Gap (BTG) fund? You can find out everything from how sidewalk projects are prioritized, what  a temporary construction easement is, to “Will art be included in the sidewalk construction,” and everything in between. Here’s the BTG page to answer all those sidewalks questions.

Do you really know everything about Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) permits? Twenty-one answers and more on RPZs can be found on our Street Use RPZ website that probably covers all your questions and then some! Just a few of the interesting questions include: “I replaced my windshield and didn’t get my sticker out of the window. What do I do?” “Can I get more than one guest hang tag?” “Can I have permits for two different zones on my car?” If you know the answers to those questions, you can skip this website, but if you don’t, you might want to read through the interesting answers!

On the ever-popular topic of parking, the e-park FAQ page is another one not to miss.

That’s the short list of some of our fascinating FAQ pages….now, go forth and read and have fun smokin’ your friends on a game of traffic trivia!