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NE Ravenna Blvd Protected Bike Lanes Update

SDOT crews have substantially completed the upgrading of buffered bike lanes to protected bike lanes, on NE Ravenna Blvd from E Green Lake Way N to University Way NE and along 15th Ave NE from Cowen PL NE to NE 62nd ST. Crews also improved intersections along the way and at the north end of the Cowen Park Bridge, they’ll installed signs and markings to connect to the signed bike route on 20th Ave NE.  These improvements will increase safety for all users:

  • People biking – support people of all ages and abilities riding bikes
  • People walking – separate pedestrians from bicycles
  • People driving – provide predictability within the street


Project map


For additional information about this project or similar ones visit our Bicycle Master Plan page.



From E Green Lake Way N to Brooklyn Ave NE

Bicyclist rides EB towards NE 65

A bicyclist riding EB on NE Ravenna Blvd towards NE 65th St

Crews updated the previous buffered bike lane to a protected bike lane by adding white posts in the buffer that existed previously. This improvement increases safety by reducing the risk of bicycle and car collisions and adding predictability on the road.

Improvements from Brooklyn Ave NE to University Way NE

EB towards University Ave

A Biker EB on NE Ravenna Blvd towards University Ave NE

Crews consolidated the eastbound on-street parking to the north side of the road and extended the installation of the eastbound protected bike lane adjacent to the median. Similar to the rest of the corridor, the previous westbound buffered bike was upgraded to a protected bike lane by adding white posts in the buffer.

Improvements from University Way NE to 15th Ave NE

Kids walking

Kids walking and a biker EB on NE Ravenna Blvd near 15th Ave NE

Crews removed six parking spaces along eastbound NE Ravenna Blvd to continue the protected bike lane to 15th Ave NE, making it safer and more predictable for all travelers. The existing trail in the median is now a convenient connection for bicyclists traveling westbound toward Green Lake.

Improvements along Cowen Pl NE between University Way NE and 15th Ave NE

EB along Cowen

Eastbound protected bike lane along Cowen Pl NE

Crews installed new protected bike lanes along Cowen Pl NE, while accommodating travel lanes and preserving parking.

Improvements along Cowen Park Bridge

Cowen Park Bridge

Protected bike lanes along Cowen Park Bridge

Crews installed protected bike lanes along 15th Ave NE which created a connection between Cowen Pl NE and NE 62nd St.

Improvements along NE 62nd St from 15th Ave NE to 20th Ave NE

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings along NE 62nd ST

To connect the protected bike lanes along the Cowen Park Bridge to the existing signed and popular bike route on 20th Ave NE, crews marked sharrow pavement markings and signage on NE 62nd between 15th Ave NE and 20th Ave NE. This will remind people driving westbound to expect people bicycling in both directions between 15th Ave NE and 20th Ave NE.

Project funding

This project was locally funded by the nine-year voter approved Bridging the Gap Levy.

Project Library

Project contacts

Adan Carrillo, Community Outreach Specialist at or (206) 684-8105