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How Does Seattle set On-Street Parking Rates?

Ever wonder how Seattle sets on-street parking rates? This video explains Seattle’s Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program, which sets and adjusts parking rates based on parking occupancy.

SDOT’s Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program started in 2010 when the City Council directed the department to set on-street parking rates according to specific data measurements. The overall goal of the program is to help drivers find parking more easily. Our specific objective, written into the Seattle Municipal Code, is to set street parking rates so that one to two spaces are open and available on each block throughout the day.

Parking is a key piece of the transportation puzzle. As a limited resource that’s often in high demand, SDOT manages on-street parking to:

  • balance competing needs (transit, customers, residents, shared vehicles),
  • move people and goods efficiently,
  • support business district vitality, and
  • create livable neighborhoods.


Click here for a table of current parking rates and hours of operation. Click on this map to find the best rates near your destination. The information in this map will be updated as changes occur.

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