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Traffic Control Plan Coaching Starts Now!

Coaching help is now available in the Street Use division! A staff member from Traffic Operations will be available at the Street Use permit counter to help you with your Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) every Tuesday (hourly fees apply). What is a TCP? You are required to submit one with a Street Use permit application if your work impacts an arterial street that’s in the public right of way (ROW). Coaches will offer their expertise and guidance to help make the experience of setting up a TCP as quick and easy as possible!


A Traffic Operations staff member will coach applicants on tough scenarios and guide customers who do not have a lot of experience with traffic engineering. Please see our Client Assistant Memo (CAM) 2111 for more information about TCP requirements.

Some tips from Traffic Operations staff BEFORE signing up to see a coach:

  • Get a Street Use Permit number first! There are three ways to apply for a Permit:
    1. Email PDF
    2. Permit Services Counter
    3. Online Webform (high-volume utility permit applicants only)
  • Read the Client Assistant Memo (CAM) 2111 mentioned above, because it has much of the information you will need to apply for the permit.
  • Prepare all the information listed in the CAM, such as dates and times of work, site location, contact names and numbers.

Templates and the TCP web tool can be found on our website here.


Friendly Street Use Counter staff.

The SDOT Street Use Division manages the City’s rights of way. Our team works to review, issue and inspect approximately 35,000 permitted uses each year.  A Street Use permit is required for any work or occupation in the public rights of way. Examples include construction by private contractors or public agencies; vending of food or flowers; neighborhood block parties; removing or planting a tree; creating a sidewalk café; etc. Construction can include but is not limited to sewer, storm, or water extensions or repairs; franchise utility work; driveway; sidewalk; curb and gutter; landscaping and trees; street lighting; paving; or any other excavation or pertinent installation in the right of way.

For more information about Street Use permits and TCP’s, please visit