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New 34th St Protected Bike Lane Coming Soon!


Cycle Scouts hand out treats to safety conscious bicyclists.

We’re almost finished installing a new, 2-way protected bike lane on N 34th St in Fremont! To prepare for it, we had a bike safety event with a group of volunteer Cycle Scouts who passed out treats to bicyclists who were following the rules of the road and traveling safely.


The Cycle Scouts’ mission is to promote good bicycle behavior.

Stopping at stop signs, wearing a helmet, and yielding to pedestrians are just a few of the rules that people on bikes need to follow.

Over the last few weeks, crews removed old pavement markings, painted new pavement markings, installed signs, and added white plastic posts in the protected bike lane buffer. The N 34th St protected bike lane creates a designated space for people biking and helps make the street more comfortable and predictable for all travelers.

Quick note! The N 34th St protected bike lane takes the day off on Sundays during the Fremont Sunday Market. People on bikes need to dismount and walk their bikes or use an alternate route.

Looking for a flat, protected ride from northwest Seattle to downtown? Take the Burke-Gilman Trail to the Westlake protected bike lane via N 34th St! The Westlake protected bike lane opens next week!