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Curb Ramp Map and Accessible Route Planner Now Live!

SDOT has launched a new online tool that provides valuable information for people using Seattle sidewalks, curb ramps, and street crossings. This tool is the City of Seattle Curb Ramp Map and Accessible Route Planner. It’s updated daily with data that can help people better plan their routes, particularly those of us living with disabilities. You can also find the map online from our SDOT home page under Resources/Getting Around Seattle.


City of Seattle Curb Ramp Map and Accessible Route Planner

The City of Seattle Curb Ramp Map and Accessible Route Planner identifies:

  • Sidewalks and curb ramps in the city. They are colored in a way to demonstrate either attribute features or whether it is in good, fair, or poor condition. This may help people plan alternate routes if sidewalks or curb ramps have not yet been built or may be older or in poor condition.
  • Street slope estimates. This may be particularly helpful for people using wheelchairs or other mobility assisting devices. If a street is too steep, it may be difficult for some people to use or may cause significant battery deterioration for electric wheel chairs.
  • Marked crosswalks and traffic signal locations. Some people may be looking for these when planning routes.
  • Transit facilities and bus stop locations are identified on the map as well as important facilities such as hospitals, libraries, schools, and community centers.

Map shows hospital and transit (streetcar line) in First Hill Area.

  • Sidewalk closures due to construction or temporary uses are identified.
  • Users can toggle between aerial photos or the standard City of Seattle Basemap.

Map shows standard Seattle Basemap along with assets and slopes.

This map has been created with the best information we have available. SDOT encourages users of this map to help us continually improve the map’s accuracy as well as to provide input on other information or data that may be useful to people planning their routes around Seattle. If you find a location or asset details that are not correctly identified, please contact us at with the asset location along with the missing information and photos. Requests for map features or asset information can also be emailed to this address.

If you have any questions about accessibility within the Seattle public right-of-way, we encourage you contact SDOT’s ADA Coordinator, Michael Shaw. He can be reached at (206) 615-1974 or by email at