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How our Paving Crews Roll on Repairs

When heavy vehicles like buses repeatedly stop on the same section of asphalt, this can create a “roll-up” of asphalt over time, much like how a rug bunches up when a person runs onto it and stops abruptly. Roll-ups can create significant bumps in the pavement and requires maintenance and attention.


“Roll-up” on Columbia Street just east of 1st Avenue.

SDOT paving crews recently repaired a roll-up on Columbia St just east of 1st Ave in the bus lane and the adjacent lane. These are heavily used travel lanes for the many buses that use the SR 99 viaduct to West Seattle, such as the popular C-Line. This location is on a hill, where roll-ups are even more likely to occur, and where safety concerns are even greater.

Crews were simultaneously responding to the windstorm, but they made it all work to carry out the needed repairs. They did a great job completing this work on a tight schedule, on a busy downtown corridor.


Columbia Street after the repairs – no more roll-up!

This is a great example of our paving crews’ flexibility, responsiveness and ability to step up to address an urgent need in street maintenance!