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City of Seattle Partners with Scoop for Flexible Commuter Ride Sharing Pilot Program

SDOT today announced a pilot incentive program with Scoop Technologies, an app-based provider of flexible commuter ride sharing, to encourage carpooling and help ease congestion in the region. With funds from the City’s Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program, the pilot will provide reduced price trips for carpoolers arriving and departing from a designated area in the South Lake Union neighborhood.

The free Scoop carpooling app enables commuters to share their trip with coworkers and neighbors. The pilot program incentives are for those who live or work in zip codes 98109 and 98121. Commuters will receive reduced price Scoop trips starting on Monday, April 17, and lasting approximately three months. Seattle’s CTR program will contribute $49,000 of state funding to provide the incentives for the pilot, which will allow $2-3 off each trip for each participant.

The City of Seattle is the first city outside of the Bay Area to sponsor Scoop trips for both residents and employees.

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