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Brake for Bananas!

Banana Brakes are back this spring, kicking off the season with a Banana Brake at Wing Luke Elementary!

SDOT’s Safe Routes to School program (SRTS) welcomed students as they arrived for school before the first bell. Students were proud to tell us about their bike ride, walk to school, or their plans to do so when it gets a bit sunnier.

Treats and prizes at Wing Luke Elementary School’s Banana Brake.

Kids refueled from their rides with bananas and oranges handed out by SDOT staff. They also got excited about SRTS incentives, such as bike lights, coloring books, crayons, wrist bands, and stickers, which they wore proudly as they headed into school. If your school is interested in promoting biking or walking to class, schools can order SRTS Incentives through our free Incentives Program to hand out to support their bike or walk to school campaigns.

More prizes for Banana Brakes!

The SRTS program is a national movement to make it easier and safer for students to walk and bike to school. Join SDOT’s SRTS program in supporting Bike Month this May! Adults, families, and kids are encouraged to get out and bike everywhere they can!