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Vision Zero Speed Limit Changes Coming to Boyer Ave E and Harbor Ave SW

SEATTLE – On Friday, May 26, SDOT will lower the speed limit on Boyer Ave E in the Montlake neighborhood and on Harbor Ave SW in West Seattle as part of the city’s Vision Zero plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030. Lower speeds improve safety for everyone, especially people walking and biking.

On Boyer Ave E, SDOT will reduce the speed limit from 30 to 25 MPH. On Harbor Ave SW, the speed limit will drop from 35 to 30 MPH.

In 2016, SDOT installed a series of speed cushions on Boyer Ave E to reduce speeds. Speed cushions are designed to calm traffic while allowing larger vehicles, like emergency response vehicles, to pass unimpeded. Since installing the traffic calming devices on Boyer Ave E, vehicular speeds have dropped more than 13% and the majority of drivers travel well under 30 MPH.

In West Seattle, Harbor Ave SW provides access to residences, businesses, Alki Beach, and parks. Harbor Ave and nearby Alki Trail draw people walking and biking year-round, especially during the warmer months, so a lower speed limit in this neighborhood will help create a more comfortable environment for all travelers.

Speed is the critical factor in the severity of collisions. Lower speeds will decrease the likelihood and severity of crashes. This makes streets safer for all, particularly pedestrians, where lower speeds significantly increase the survivability of crashes. Lower speeds allow extra time and distance for drivers to recognize people in the street and bring their vehicle to a stop.

Travelers on Boyer Ave E and Harbor Ave SW can expect to see new speed limit signs. SDOT will place speed watch trailers on both Boyer Ave and Harbor Ave to provide real-time feedback to drivers about their speed and highlight the new speed limit.

SDOT’s Vision Zero team began evaluating speed limits on arterial streets in 2015. In late 2016, we adjusted the speed limit from 25 to 20 MPH on all 2,400 miles of neighborhood (non-arterial) streets in Seattle. We also reduced the speed limit to 25 MPH on arterials in central Seattle and have adjusted speed limits on corridors like NE 65th St, Rainier Ave S, and Delridge Way SW. We appreciate your efforts in helping to keep our streets safe for all.

For more information on Vision Zero, visit  #VisionZeroSEA