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Community-initiated project: Holman Rd NW and 13th Ave NW

Thanks to the Levy to Move Seattle, every three years, we can fund large community-requested projects. In March, we launched outreach on the 12 Neighborhood Street Fund projects selected in late 2016, and we’ve received great feedback.

One project in particular has received a lot of attention: the Holman Rd NW and 13th Ave NW New Signal project. Community members concerned about the safety of students crossing at this location requested a new traffic signal. We agree there are a number of good reasons to install a signal, and we also recommend removing the existing pedestrian overpass. We’ve learned that many folks are attached to the bridge. They like using it to cross the street and to look at views, and they like using the stairs for training. We want to make a good decision, so we’re collecting data and reviewing the community’s input.

Here’s what we’re considering:

Here’s what we’re learning:

Students crossing under pedestrian bridge on Holman Rd NW.

People currently cross at street level and using the bridge. It appears more people cross on Holman than use the pedestrian bridge.

Pedestrian volumes over a 6-hour period (weekday)

School commute hours pedestrian volumes (weekday)

School commute hours pedestrian volumes (weekday)

Besides current travel patterns and public feedback, we’re considering accommodations for people with mobility challenges, driver predictability, and what’s good for this major truck street as a key route for efficient movement of goods. Adding the signal provides a way for people in wheelchairs or on bikes a place to cross and supports a planned neighborhood greenway connection. Removing the bridge:

  • Reduces shadows
  • Reduces the chance that a person driving will assume pedestrians are using the bridge to cross
  • Allows oversized trucks to use the street
  • Is a project identified in the 2016 City Council adopted Freight Master Plan

We have a lot to consider and expect to have a project update later this summer. For the most up-to-date project information or to join our email list, please visit the Holman Rd NW and 13th Ave NW New Signal project.