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Keeping the Ride Smooth for Transit

Transit is the backbone of Seattle’s transportation system – more than 60% of those who work downtown commute by bus or train! Transit saves money, reduces pollution, and moves a lot of people, so keeping those trains and buses moving is vital.

Light rail and street cars need well-maintained rails to move smoothly and efficiently. Similarly, buses need smooth, serviceable streets to efficiently serve the public. You might say that streets are the “rails for our buses.”

There are many street repair needs throughout Seattle, so we prioritize our paving and repair work to get the most bang for the public’s buck. Since buses serve so many people, we give a high priority to making street repairs on bus routes, all other things being equal.

Before: damaged pavement at a bus stop along a busy bus route in West Seattle.

A recent repair on Delridge Way SW and SW Juneau St is just one example of SDOT’s street repairs that help to improve transit. Crews replaced several concrete panels that were damaged from the weight of heavy vehicles like trucks and buses at this bus stop.

Crews cutting and excavating the damaged panels.

We replaced old, damaged panels with thicker ones that can better withstand today’s bus traffic and heavier vehicles. It’s no surprise that SDOT received many requests to replace the damaged panels here.

After: new panels for a smooth bus ride home.

The new, smooth panels eliminate the delays that came with the older, broken pavement and help increase the reliability of the popular #120 Metro Transit route that runs on this street. Since buses usually run on arterials, making repairs on bus routes such as this location improve trips for people whether they are riding a bike, carpooling or driving a car on this busy street.