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Join the Convo! 3 Neighborhoods that will soon be better connected by Link light rail in 2021!

Capitol Hill Station Opening Day, March 19, 2016

By now, most of you know that how you get around downtown Seattle is rapidly changing.

We’ve made investments around the city to help you get around and for many travelers, the time is now to adjust and adapt to the new normal.

The University District (U District) is no different. This urban center adjacent to the University of Washington is seeing investments that will change how people get to and from the neighborhood – including the opening of a new Link Light Rail station in 2021.


To assist residents and commuters, as well as a focus on small business support, U District, Let’s Go! connects people working, living, and visiting the U District with transportation resources and assistance so that they can navigate and leverage the increased economic capacity and growth brought by light rail.


“I’ve heard a lot over this past year,” says Miriam Castro, U District, Let’s Go! Program Manager. “I’ve heard people’s excitement for Link light rail and the opportunities it will bring; I’ve also heard uncertainty around how the neighborhood might change.”


The value of shared insights – because we’re in it together.

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Earlier this year at the recent U District, Let’s Go!‘s (UDLG) Transit Talk, Rachel Marshall, co-founder of Rachel’s Ginger Beer (and two small businesses near the Capitol Hill Link light rail station), shared her insights on what she learned when her neighborhood was preparing for the light rail, one of which was the value of looking at what other neighborhoods are doing. Connecting, talking, and learning from each other is what is inspiring the next U District, Let’s Go! Transit Talk, We’re in it Together, on October 4, at 6:30 PM at the Urban Luxe Café.


We’re in it Together is the convening of three neighborhoods, U District, Roosevelt, and Northgate that will soon be better connected by Link light rail in 2021.


“I’ve seen several examples of how organizations have stayed ahead of changes and have heard a lot of great ideas too,” said Castro.


The Transit Talk is a way for these neighborhoods to showcase what they are working on, what concerns they have, and maybe get a few interested volunteers.


What’s happening in the next two years.

Representatives from neighborhood organizations and from public agencies like King County Metro Transit and Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will talk about what lies ahead in the next two years and beyond. Another goal is to learn about upcoming transportation projects associated with the light rail station opening, discuss changes these neighborhoods can expect between now and 2021, and how community stakeholders can engage in getting ready for these three new light rail stations.

The event will be moderated by Miranda Redinger, a Senior Planner with the City of Shoreline who spent four years planning for two light rail stations that will be operational in 2024, and also a resident of Northgate. When asked about her role in the evening, she replied,

“I understand how the process can be frustrating for the public and public agencies alike, especially with regard to the effectiveness of public input. Timelines and budgets are outside of how households plan, and transportation and land-use planning can seem counter-intuitive to people, but there are ways that residents can leverage this regional investment to improve their neighborhoods.”


Redinger and Castro hope that the event will help attendees gain valuable information, inspire creativity, and bring meaningful dialogue on how communities can engage with each other and with public agencies.


“Our three neighborhoods are about to get closer, we should start talking now,” said Castro.


Join the convo! RSVP.


Let’s learn from our collective creativity! Save your seat and engage with the entire line up of speakers. RSVP.


U District, Let’s Go! is a collaboration with Transportation Choices Coalition, Seattle Department of Transportation and U District Partnership, supported by a WSDOT project using Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) funds.