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With eight weeks until #Realign99, we’ve launched a new website!

It’s here! To help you prepare for Seattle’s new era of tough traffic that begins on January 11, 2019, with a three-week closure of SR 99 downtown as WSDOT works to #Realign99 , we’ve worked with our partners in the City of Seattle and across the region to bring you, your one-stop resource during what we’re calling the Seattle Squeeze.


What’s that?

Beginning with WSDOT’s permanent closure of the Alaska Way Viaduct on January 11 and continuing over the next five years, Seattle is entering a new era of tough traffic. Even after the new SR 99 tunnel opens, the tough times will continue. Additional private and public megaprojects will continue to reduce capacity on our city streets and contribute to gridlock. All this will be worth it. But everyone traveling to and in Seattle needs to have a plan for commuting to work or school, appointments, and/or running simple errands.


What can you find on the new website?

This digital platform has tools, information, and resources you need to keep you moving safely to and through downtown.


At our evolving information hub you will find:

  • The ”Seattle Squeeze” explained.
  • Current traffic times to neighborhoods across Seattle.
  • Projected travel times 45 minutes from now.
  • Apps, maps, and other tools to help you get around.
  • Q & A to read what people are asking, and ask your own questions!
  • A partners page for the full list and resources!
  • And lastly… Subscribe to traffic alerts for your commute. We’re providing the latest travel times, tips and suggestions for your commute and traffic alert twice per day to different neighborhood corridors to help you plan ahead!


Realigning travel during #Realign99.

When the Viaduct closes, three solid weeks of construction begin. Crews will work around the clock to move SR 99 off the viaduct and into the new, two-mile SR 99 tunnel beneath downtown Seattle.

During the #Realign99 closure, the longest highway closure in Seattle’s history, both the viaduct and new tunnel will be closed. You can expect six weeks of impacts.


Why is so much work needed?

Removing the Alaskan Way Viaduct is an important safety project. WSDOT is removing an old roadway vulnerable to earthquakes and replacing it with a much safer tunnel. This regional disruption to traffic is unavoidable. Closing the highway for approximately three weeks is the only way crews can finish building the eight new ramps that will allow travelers to enter and exit the new tunnel. Check out this video to get more of the story.

In the meantime, WSDOT has completed work to provide a temporary surface Alaskan Way option, just west of the Viaduct.



The #Realign99 closure will be a very challenging time for everyone traveling to, from or through Seattle. We will need everyone’s help to avoid gridlock. Start making your plan today – visit to get started!