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Trailhead Direct’s transit to trails is back!

Photo of woman hiker.


Ok, hikers and outdoor lovers. The #GreatPNW struggle is real.


You decide it’s a great day for a hike, so you head out into the wild & find upon your arrival that the rest of Seattle has had the same – exact – idea.


Never mind that all the great minds thought like you. How ’bout that parking? Don’t let the day get ruined by the lack of available parking. You won’t need a car. We’re bringing back Trailhead Direct!


Trailhead Direct is a seasonal transit service to popular hiking destinations in King County. 



Trailhead Direct is a pilot project in collaboration with our Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD), King County Metro, and King County Parks and REI. Not only does this program provide transit service on weekends and most holidays to popular hiking trails in the area, but it also eases vehicle congestion and reduces safety hazards.


There’re 4 great changes happening this Saturday, April 20.


  1. The weather. We’ll get a cloud break. THERE. WILL. BE. SUN. Well, at least that’s what the weather forecasters predict.
  2. The start of Trailhead Direct!! The 2019 season began in April.
  3. The launch of a new Trailhead Direct route to the Sky Country Trailhead at Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. Check out the details here.
  4. The Trailhead Direct for Mailbox Peak returns with a new service location + stop.
  5. The last day of service is October 27.


So go ahead and pick your destination. Select your location for all the dirt ? from trailhead maps, transit pickup and drop off locations, and maps.



We’re proud to work as a funding partner with King County Metro to provide more mobility options to attractions in the Seattle region.


Funding Trailhead Direct builds on the City of Seattle’s investments in the Seattle transit network where we’ve been able to improve frequency/reliability on 64 other routes.


This program is an opportunity to provide better access for more people to the outdoors. While trail destinations vary in accessibility, Trailhead Direct transit are wheelchair accessible, so all are welcome!


“We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and Trailhead Direct makes it easier for all our residents and visitors to access our incredible outdoors using transit. …We are excited about this innovative public-private partnership that is creating new opportunities for all who call Seattle home to get outside and explore our mountains.” – Mayor Jenny Durkan


Photo of an ok sign made with a person's hand circling the sun at a distance.


Thanks to Seattle voters, we’re able to directly purchase transit service for Seattle, providing mobility options to explore the Seattle area.


For more information about Trailhead Direct, please visit the website.