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Take Transit to Trails This Weekend!

Trailhead Direct Map


In case you missed it, Trailhead Direct is back and going strong in 2019!


Trailhead Direct is a seasonal transit service to popular hiking destinations in King County. During #RideTransit Month, this is an awesome opportunity to take transit not just to work or school, but to enjoy the great outdoors!


Get a lift from urban Seattle out to our amazing natural forests to the east with Trailhead Direct transit service.



Trailhead Direct now serves additional stops in Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle to take you to Mt Si. Or, if you prefer, you can still catch a ride out the Issaquah Alps from the Mount Baker Link light rail station. Either way, you will end up in a scenic (and cooler) wonderland for a day of hiking.


Not only does this program provide transit service on weekends and most holidays to popular hiking trails in the area, but it also eases vehicle congestion and reduces safety hazards.



Trailhead Direct is a pilot project in collaboration with our Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD), King County Metro, and King County Parks and REI.


For more information about Trailhead Direct, please visit the website.