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SpokesSalmon Sal Says “Flip Your Trip” and Commute Car-Free Once a Week!

Sal the Salmon wearing earphones and holding a coffee cup while sitting on the Seattle Streetcar.


To reduce the number of people driving alone downtown during peak commute times, we launched a new campaign called #FlipYourTrip to encourage people to commute car-free at least once a week to downtown Seattle. Our message is simple: if you usually drive into Seattle by yourself, commuting car-free once a week is an easy way to do something good for yourself, your city, and your planet.


Our SpokesSalmon, Sal, like all salmon who migrate, hates congested commutes.


But unlike other salmon, she’s found a solution. In fact, she’s found many solutions. And she wants to share them with humans to help us all find a better way to get to and from downtown.


She’s *literally* a fish out of water: awkward and a little weird, but her sardonic wit and playful banter make even the grumpiest Seattle commuter laugh.


Don’t take our word for it – watch her talk to commuters on the street about their commute habits!



We want you to show us how you #FlipYourTrip!


Vehicles driving on I-5 North with downtown Seattle in the background.

Image from the @SeattleDOT Instagram page.


Spread the word by sharing how you commute car free using the hashtag #FlipYourTrip and tagging @SeattleDOT on social media. Visit for lots of great ideas on flipping your trip!