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Link light rail weekend closure & platform changes coming your way!

Commuters about to enter the Link Light Rail.

We’re halfway done with the #Connect2020 Link light rail disruptions!

Two things you need to know:

  1. Weekend Closure: Shuttle buses replace Link trains this weekend between Capitol Hill and SODO starting Friday, February 7 at 9pm.
  2. Platform switch: Starting Monday, February 10, Link light rail riders will board all trains at Westlake & University Street stations on the southbound platform, and all trains at International District/Chinatown Station on Northbound platform.

Read on for the details.

Diagram by Sound Transit via

Diagram by Sound Transit via

All you need to know about this weekend’s closure

There will be no Link light rail service between SODO and Capitol Hill this weekend starting at 9pm on Friday, February 7. Link light rail will operate every 14 minutes between Angel Lake and SODO stations, and between Capitol Hill and UW stations.

All northbound riders must get off the train at SODO Station, and southbound riders must get off at Capitol Hill Station. There will be a free Link shuttle bus running every 7 minutes that stops at all closed stations between SODO and Capitol Hill. You can pick up the free Link shuttle bus at any of the closed stations. Also, for safety reasons, Link light rail riders will not require fares.

Diagram by Sound Transit via

Animation by Sound Transit via

Why the weekend closure?

The Connect 2020 project is connecting Seattle’s existing Link light rail tracks to the new Eastside tracks near the International District/Chinatown Station.

There are two rows of existing track: northbound and southbound. During the first half of Connect 2020, construction crews were connecting the northbound tracks with the Eastside, so trains were running on the southbound track at International District/Chinatown Station. During the second half of Connect 2020, crews will be connecting the southbound tracks to the Eastside, so trains will be running on the northbound track – this one track set up is also why riders need to transfer at Pioneer Street Station.

This weekend Sound Transit is making the big switch!

The downtown tunnel between SODO and Capitol Hill will be closed this weekend so Sound Transit can make the big switch from having the trains operate on the southbound track to the northbound track near International District/Chinatown Station. Over the weekend they will be running a bunch of safety tests to ensure trains are operating properly and able to run on time for the Monday morning commute.

Commuters waiting for the Link Light Rail to arrive.

Which brings us to #2: Platform switch starting Monday, February 10.

Just when you thought you had your Connect 2020 commute down, we’re changing things up. Starting Monday, Link light rail riders at Westlake, University Street, and International District/Chinatown and Stadium stations will board and exit trains on the opposite platform that they did during the first half of Connect 2020.

Look for signs and friendly Sound Transit Ambassadors in teal vests directing riders where to go.

Other than the platform changes, the trains will be operating on the same schedule as the first half of Connect 2020. Trains will be running every 13-15 minutes and there will be a transfer at Pioneer Street Station.

Animation by Sound Transit via

Animation by Sound Transit via

What can you do to help ease the transitions?

  1. Spread the word – knowledge is key. Now that you know about the changes coming your way, share with friends, coworkers, and neighbors so they can also plan accordingly.
  2. Give yourself extra time – Sound Transit recommends giving yourself an extra 30 minutes during Connect 2020.
  3. Pay attention – to both signs and ambassadors directing you where to go.
  4. Flip Your Trip – this is a good week to try biking, walking, or carpooling to get to work. Learn more about alternate ways of getting around on
  5. Hang in there – you’ve got this. This is a short-term inconvenience for long-term regional improvements. Thank for your patience!

Subscribe to email or text Link light rail alerts to stay up to date about the weekend closures. Visit Sound Transit for more information about Connect 2020 and station closures. Visit our website to help plan your commute and stay informed with all the changes happening from now until 2024. For regional or statewide travel alerts, download the WSDOT App.