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BIKE MONTH | Bike season is here!

Hey fair-weather riders, it’s time. Go to your storage room, shed, closet, or garage, and dig out your trusty bike. Bike season in Seattle is officially here.  

Yes, we know a ton of people ride bikes all year long in Seattle, and we appreciate you. But, there’re a bunch of people, including someone who’s writing this blog, who make excuses not to ride one rainy day in October, and then the next rainy day, and the next, and suddenly it’s been six months since we’ve last seen our bikes! 

Our friend Sal the SpokesSalmon has been out in West Seattle encouraging folks to #FlipYourTrip and travel car-free. 

If you need a little extra motivation to jump on your bike, check out her recent SDOT interview.  

This bike month, Sal’s partnering with Peace Peloton to encourage her fellow West Seattleites to bike to a local Black-owned business and join her at Jones BBQ on May 20th

On May 21, 2021, also known as Bike Everywhere Day, Sal will be hanging out with folks from West Seattle Bike Connection and Bike Works under the West Seattle Bridge on 21st Ave SW between 6 and 9 am. There, you can snap a photo with a Sal cutout and enter a giveaway for a Bike Works bike. The BikeMobile truck will be there too!

Here’re some reminders as you get back on your bike: 

  • We’re still in a pandemic and need to follow King County health guidelines 
    If you’re biking to a store, farmers market, to pick up take-out, or anywhere else you may encounter other people, make sure you have a mask. Remember to maintain physical distance from others as you queue up at traffic lights and stops. If you haven’t had your COVID-19 vaccine yet, sign up today to get one.  
  • Follow rules of the road. If you’re riding a bike on the street, you’re required to follow the same rules of the road as when you’re driving a car: 
    • Stop at red lights   
    • Stop at stop signs when other vehicles are approaching the intersection and yield otherwise, per the new Safety Stop Law
    • Signal when you turn 
    • Stop for pedestrians in crosswalks 
    • If riding on sidewalks, ride slowly and yield to pedestrians 
    • If you’re driving, please watch out for people on bikes: eliminate distractions, put down your phone, and look before opening your car door 
  • Not sure what route to take?  
    Every year we’re adding to our connected bike network. Last year, we completed bike connections on 4th Ave, Bell Street, E Yesler Way, and SW Avalon Way. Check out our Bike Map to see which roads have protected bike lanes, which are Neighborhood Greenways, and where bike trails are located.  Also, map apps on your phone, like Google Maps or Waze, provide bike directions that often use streets with bike facilities. 
  • Don’t have a bike? 
    No problem! Check out a bike share bike. These bikes are great for short trips around town. 

Photo credit: SDOT Flickr 

If you’re new to biking in Seattle, visit our Bike Program webpage for tips on how to bike around Seattle and bike maps.  

Also, check out local organizations like Cascade Bicycle Club that offers classes for new riders, Outdoors For All that has a fleet of adaptive bikes for people with disabilities, Bike Works that has a full service bike shop, or Peace Peloton and North Star Cycling that organize social rides and rides that support Black-owned businesses.  

How many miles are you going to ride this month? Join the Bike Everywhere Challenge for a little extra encouragement to choose your bike for quick errands, commuting to work or school, and spring time recreation.  

The Bike Everywhere Challenge is presented by Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes. Invite your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family to join your Bike Challenge team and see how many miles you can rack up this month. Please follow King County public health guidelines, keep physical distance, and be sure to have your mask.