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Driveways and parking don’t mix

Are vehicles ever parked too close to your driveway? What can be done?

According to the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC 11.72.110) it is not permitted to park in front of a driveway. In fact, there is a five foot buffer on either side of the driveway where parking is prohibited.

What can you do if people are breaking this rule at your driveway?

SDOT recommends that property owners use yellow paint to enhance this five-foot area. Painting the curb yellow, five feet back from the edge of your driveway, will help to increase the sight distance for motorists to see all vehicles, including bicyclists.  To view an example of how the curb should look, please visit

When you see parking violations occurring, call and report them to the Seattle Police Department non-emergency dispatch number at (206) 625-5011 to get the next available parking enforcement officer out to the location.