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Ramp at 95th and 20th NE, and New Sidewalk without Curb Ramp at 98th and 20th NE

The Seattle Times submitted a number of reader questions about transportation related work around the city.  Reader comment:  “One ends with a steep path into the park.  At 98th and 20th NE, workers removed the wheelchair ramp and replaced it with a sidewalk that has no wheelchair ramp.”

SDOT performed work at 95th and 20th NE in accordance with the design and plans.  The slope of the park access was taken into consideration and a reduction of the slope was not feasible as it would have required expensive retaining walls to reduce the grade.   There are no plans to redesign this location.  At 98th and 20th NE, we extended an existing sidewalk along the roadway to complete the block.  Installing a ramp at the corner, which was not in the project’s budget and is not required by current regulations, would have required tearing out part of the preexisting curb and sidewalk.  No rework was performed at this location.