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We’re starting the application process for people to use the Spokane St Swing Bridge to reach lifesaving medical appointments while the West Seattle Bridge is under construction

Applications will open later this month for restaurants and retail struggling during pandemic, on-call medical workers, additional types of vans and shuttles. We’ve also extended weekend all–access hours by 3 hours to 8 a.m. People seeking lifesaving medical treatment, on-call medical workers, West Seattle restaurants and retail businesses, and people using vans, shuttles or official carpools with a state-issued rideshare license plate can soon apply to SDOT for access to the Spokane St Swing… [ Keep reading ]

Envisioning the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge back to normal

Things feel a little different this spring. At this time last year, the pandemic was just beginning. Then, the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge suddenly closed. Together, these events brought compounding crises to West Seattle and Duwamish Valley communities. On Tuesday, the one-year mark since the bridge closed, we thanked you for your support and resilience. Yesterday, we looked back at how our response to the high bridge closure unfolded over those twelve months. Before… [ Keep reading ]

One year in: A look back at the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

At 7 PM on the night of Monday, March 23, 2020, a few final cars passed over the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge. The decision to close the high bridge due to accelerated concrete cracking was necessary for public safety, but at the same time brought immediate challenges to communities in West Seattle and the Duwamish Valley. For many people and businesses, the bridge is more than a piece of infrastructure. It functions… [ Keep reading ]

We’re seeking federal funding sources to support rapid repair of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

We are focused squarely on completing necessary repairs to reopen the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge to the public as quickly as possible, while keeping public safety as our top priority. To support this effort, we are working to secure all necessary funding for the upcoming high bridge rehabilitation project – including federal, state and local funding… [ Keep reading ]

A note of thanks to West Seattle and Duwamish Valley Communities

Dear West Seattle and Duwamish Valley communities, It’s been a tough year. Just as the COVID-19 pandemic began to take its toll around the globe, your communities suddenly faced another major challenge: the emergency closure of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge on March 23, 2020. Here we are. One year later. While… [ Keep reading ]

As we round out Black History Month at SDOT, conversations about Black history and culture will continue.

If you haven’t already, check out our Black History Month posts: From the SDOT Archives | Black innovators who have shaped transportation SDOT centers Black lives This week we’re sharing books and resources to help broaden our understanding of how racism in America has shaped our cities and influenced urban design. One of the first steps to undoing institutional and systemic racism is through knowledge and education. … [ Keep reading ]

From the SDOT Archives | Black innovators who have shaped transportation.

Every time you stop on red, enjoy clear views of the Olympics or buy a pint of ice cream, you have an inventor to thank. As part of our series to honor Black History Month, we’ve gone back into the SDOT archives to re-highlight some of the Black individuals who helped transform transportation with their… [ Keep reading ]

Weekly Update: West Seattle Bridge

Every Monday, we’re posting a blog to keep you informed about our progress to stabilize the bridge, our efforts to address traffic and mobility, and other items related to the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure.  In this week’s update: West Seattle High-Rise Bridge Stabilization Low Bridge Camera Installation Live Load… [ Keep reading ]

Happy First Night of Hanukkah from SDOT, and a Roadside Chat with Ben Dalgetty

We had a Roadside Chat with Ben Dalgetty, SDOT’s Digital Strategist, who shared his written reflections on the holiday through this blog. Ben identifies as secular/reform Jewish. This piece is intended as a personal reflection, and while every effort was made towards accuracy, this blog does not represent official department position or definitive history. Ben, as… [ Keep reading ]

Starting in January 2021, we will add an automated photo enforcement system on the Low Bridge that will supplement existing enforcement by police

We need to keep the West Seattle Low Bridge clear for emergency vehicles, freight, and transit. In October, we announced that automated photo enforcement would begin on the Low Bridge (also called the Spokane St Swing Bridge) as early as January 2021. The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge remains closed. In this blog, we’ll discuss how photo enforcement will work and what you can… [ Keep reading ]