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SDOT Goes Green!

GreenDOT is SDOT’s continuing effort to improve our practices to protect the environment and create a sustainable transportation system that makes it easier to walk, bike and take transit.  We have a goal to get international ISO 14001 EMS Certification by 2012 for what we are putting in place to responsibly manage our day to day work.  For example, when we are paving, we try to minimize run off from construction, minimize idling from our trucks, recycle the materials we take out of the street, and use recycled content in the asphalt we put back in.  

 We’ve also just started “Fuel Duel” (a friendly competition) with the Parks Department where we are competing to see which department can reduce its fuel use by the greatest percentage!

Check out our new logo:

SDOT's new GreenDOT Logo

SDOT's new GreenDOT Logo