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Concrete Results

A busy 2009 construction season including ten downtown/SODO paving projects is wrapping up on-time and in excess of goals set by the Bridging the Gap work plan.  The goal for 2009 was 20 lane miles; SDOT paved 28.7 lane miles in 2009.  Since 2007 SDOT’s Arterial Asphalt and Concrete (AAC) program has reconstructed more than 95 lane miles all across the city. 

Map of Bridging the Gap Paving Accomplishments

Map of Bridging the Gap Paving Accomplishments

Fourth Avenue from Olive Way to Denny Way finished one month ahead of schedule and other projects, like the reconstruction of a block along Pike Street, wrapped up in just five days.  The paving program tackled several major thoroughfares as well this year such as First Avenue South, a high volume entry/exit point for Seattle.  Considerable coordination took place across multiple downtown paving projects to time the intersecting crews efficiently. 

Wall Street, Broad Street, Third Avenue and other projects were added to the 2009 list as part of an accelerated plan meant to ensure downtown streets will be completed by 2012 when the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement project begins.  The reconstruction of Fourth Avenue between S Jackson Street and Olive Way, originally set for a 2010 groundbreaking, is also in full swing. 

The City’s Arterial Asphalt and Concrete Program resurfaces and rebuilds multiple streets each summer toward the larger goal of enhancing both mobility and safety citywide.  The projects in the paving program are funded in part by the “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy approved by Seattle voters.