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The Ramp has Been Decked!

Crews recently placed 772 cubic yards of concrete to create the new S. Spokane Street Viaduct Fourth Avenue ramp structure.  The work by SDOT and Mid Mountain is lovingly (and professionally) referred to as a “deck pour.”  The deck pour took 10 hours and was a great success! 

For those of you interested in the technical details, post tensioning strands were fed through the interior vertical walls and last week crews pulled the strands from the ends to elongate the structure.  This process, even though the structure is concrete, will raise the upper roadway up approximately 1” and 5/8”.  Once elongated crews will fill any remaining spaces with grout and then begin removal of the shoring towers.  At the end of the day this means that the majority of the new ramp/bridge structure will be free standing. What a sight!