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Art Meets the Street

For the past several weeks, we’ve been surveying some of the art that has been installed in Seattle in response to the SDOT Art Plan, jointly developed in 2005 with the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and written by Daniel Mihalyo. 

Vicki Scuri, "DNA Wave Wall," Galer Street Overpass

This week, we’ll take a quick look at another way to add life and color to standard infrastructure in the right-of-way: surface treatments.  This technique has been used successfully in many corners of the city since the Art Plan was developed.  See the photos below for examples on both vertical surfaces and sidewalks. 

Sidewalk treatment: Stacey Levy, "Cornerstones"

Like the bike racks in other cities surveyed last week, visual treatments on standard surfaces provide a way to introduce art into the public right of way with creativity and at an incremental cost.

Stay tuned next week for the last installment of “Art Meets the Street”!

Sidewalk treatment with metal inlays


Fire Cruxent Studios, I-5 Bridge Painting at Jackson Street