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Art Meets the Street

For the past two months, we’ve been surveying some of the art that has been installed in Seattle in response to the SDOT Art Plan, jointly developed in 2005 with the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and written by Daniel Mihalyo. We’re wrapping up our survey today by showcasing some of the biggest items in the Art Plan’s toolkit: signature sculptures. 

Historically, stand-alone sculpture was the primary way art was incorporated into public street spaces in Seattle.  While today we focus more on integrating artistic elements into infrastructure, there is still a place for signature works of art in our right-of-way, as the pictures below attest.  Enjoy!

Paul Sorey, "Coffee Pot Pergola", Lake City Multi-Modal Project

Brian Goggin, "Traffic of Ideas", University Way Multi-Modal Project

Tom Askman and Lea Anne Lake, "Ballard Gateway"