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Green with Envy Over Greenwood?

Nearby roads may be envious now that Greenwood Avenue N is looking so spiffy.  The improvements between N 105th and N 112th streets wrapped up this week, with some newly added elements.  A new crosswalk was installed on the Holman Road side of the intersection at Greenwood Ave N and N 105th Street following a multitude of public requests – and of course traffic reviews to support its inclusion. 

New sidewalk at Holman Road side of intersection at Greenwood Ave N/N 105th Street

Also, traffic analysis of vehicle counts and patterns showed the majority of southbound vehicles on Greenwood Avenue North turn west onto Holman Road, so to ensure vehicles can make this turn during one traffic signal cycle, SDOT designed for two right-turn-only lanes.

105th/Greenwood Ave. Intersection looking North

Looking South at N 107th - After Construction

The Greenwood Avenue North Street Improvement Project was slated for completion near the end of 2009, but the work had to be extended into 2010.  That’s because during construction crews encountered some unforeseen underground obstacles. The project scope was expanded to work around the obstacles, and to upgrade the storm drainage system as well as use concrete in the outside lanes instead of asphalt.