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Project inspires bike, bus & walk map

The NE 45th St Viaduct Project is not only replacing the old timber structure to the west – it’s also inspired a new outreach effort. The project includes a program to encourage walking, biking, and riding during and after construction. A “Bike, Bus, Walk Map” of the project area shows specific bus routes, biking options, walking distances and Zipcar locations.

NE 45th St Viaduct Project - transportation alternatives

To further encourage biking, free bike lectures and workshops will also be offered, as well as “bicycle brigades,” where an experienced biker leads a group to and from the Burke Gilman Trail. The NE 45th St Viaduct project website has all the info, along with resources on how to plan a bus trip; get real-time bus arrival times; find a carpool partner; and load a bike onto a bus. Incentives provided include free bus tickets and $75 of free car sharing from Zipcar.