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Did you see Me in Greenwood?

People are popping up all over Greenwood, with the help of flour and water.  Did you see any of these Summer Streets people last weekend hanging out outside…at Rosewood Guitars…Chocolate Shoebox…Naked City Brewing…Seders Art Gallery???

These Summer Streets “people” were pasted up, with the permission of business owners, using a Wheatpaste (also known as potato paste, flour paste, rice paste, Marxist glue, or simply paste, wheatpaste is a liquid adhesive made from vegetable starch and water, used since ancient times for various arts and crafts such as book binding, decoupage, collage, and papier-mâché). If you didn’t get the chance to see one of the pasted people, maybe you should come by the evening of August 13th, and see Summer Streets in Greenwood for real!