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15th Ave NE On A Roll

Work is going well on 15th Avenue NE, especially considering crews are completely reconstructing a street that commonly carries 16,000 vehicles daily while maintaining car, truck, bicycle and pedestrian traffic!

Pedestrians will be well-served by the end result, with new curb ramps and curb bulbs; widened sidewalks at bus zones; a new marked crosswalk at NE 41st Street; and better lighting.  Of course, all traffic will see smoother days ahead and probably then be thankful for the efficient construction convoys – hauling material out as fast as crews can dig it up. 

Recent work on Phase I (NE Pacific to NE 45th streets)  includes:

  • A single weekend paving effort that included 66 truck trips, 149 concrete trucks, and a 24-hour continuous paving operation of nearly 1000 cubic yards
  • Demolition and repaving of 3,000 feet of existing roadway in the southbound two lanes and the intersection approaches at Campus Parkway, Ne 42nd St, and NE 43rd St
  • Continued work on the electrical system that now boasts 8,900 linear feet of new conduit and 14 new electrical hand holes.  

Bravo crew! 

With the entire project stretching from NE Pacific Street to NE 55th, remember there are some breaks: the intersections at NE Pacific Street, NE 45th Street, and NE 50th Street were repaved prior to this project so they will NOT have to go under the hammer again.